CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) Classes

DJS Firearm Training


December 15, 2018

Letter From Instructor


Thank you for your interest in our course. 

We typically conduct classes on the 3rd Saturday of each month. 

We being myself and my wife Janie who is also a multi firearms disciplined certified instructor just as I am. 

We offer a 1 day course, in and out in one day. 

The course starts at 9 am and goes until completed. 

It's a long day but we take several breaks including a scheduled lunch break. 

You need to bring your own lunch or you can go out to one of the local restaurants and eat in or bring it back to the facility.  

Our facility is located in Conneaut Ohio, we instruct out of Amboy Rifle Club. 

An indoor classroom and an indoor firing range, you’ll be nice and warm and dry.

The first 2+ hours of the course deal with the Concealed Carry Law and how it affects you. 

Where you can and can not carry, what to do if you get involved in an altercation, how to handle a law enforcement encounter etc, all inclusive. 

We pride ourselves in knowing the law better than anyone else out there. 

The next several hours are the actual Ohio / NRA/ National accepted Certified course which is recognized throughout the entire United States. 

In other words any state which has Conceal Carry will recognize our course and you can use our certification to obtain a CCW Permit from that state.  

There is a live fire exercise for which you will need a handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition. 

You need to supply you own handgun, it can be borrowed from someone if you don’t own one yet and it doesn't necessarily have to be the firearm you are going to use for conceal carry. 

Any caliber is fine, up to and including a .44 magnum. .22's are the best and the cheapest to shoot. 

Again, as I said, we do not supply firearms, you need to bring you own.   

Lastly there is a written test consisting of 50 questions, yes / no, true / false or multiple choice, no essay questions. 

Very easy test most people are scoring 90% or better on it.   

The cost is $125.00 per person and all the training is done in an indoor facility, the classroom and firing range are all indoors, no matter the weather you'll qualify that day, staying warm and dry, being ready to apply for your permit the next working day.   

You must pre-register for a class. ABSOLUTELY NO WALK IN'S. 

You must call and pre-register so we can make sure we have room and enough materials for everyone! 

We require a 50% deposit to register for the class. 

The remainder of the fee is due the day of the class in cash. 

You can send your deposit to:

Dale Sunderlin

P.O. Box 186

Geneva Ohio 44041-0186

When we receive it, we will send you a receipt and a confirmation letter stating the date and time of the course. 

It will also contain a picture and written map with directions to Amboy Rifle Club and list everything you need to bring to the course. 

Again please call for availability of courses.  If you have any questions and to pre-register for the class call me at 440-466-2223, if I'm not home leave a message. I hope to hear from you soon. 


Dale W. Sunderlin

NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Range Safety Officer, Conceal Carry Instructor.