Doesn’t that new handgun in the case look just great! 

So you plop down your hard earned money and take your new gun to the range only to find out it doesn’t feel right, it has too much recoil, not as accurate as you wanted, doesn’t fit in your pocket or purse, etc. 

Wouldn’t you like to try it before you buy it? 

The Amboy Rifle Club in Conneaut Ohio is hosting an event that allows a person to fire ten rounds from three different handguns at a target distance of 7 yds. for $10. 

For more info see our flyer. 

All firearms are owned by members of the club who have loaned them for this event. 

No firearms will be for sale or sold. 

Our list of handguns that will be available are approx. 30-40 from .22 to .45ACP.  

Next event is scheduled for October 2019

Contact Elmer Johnson 440.228.3734


Check out this great video


Files coming soon.